what is piranha solution – Best piranha solution preparation

what is piranha solution:-

Piranha solution is a mixture of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). It is a substance that is used to remove organic residues from substrates. That means it have a two different solutions that usually in a ratio of 3:1 to 7:1(sulfuric acid with hydrogen peroxide). 

They are used to remove trace amounts of organic residues, such as photoresist so it is also known as piranha etch.

Handaling tips:-

Piranha solutions, like any corrosive or hazardous substance, always require the presence of a second knowledgeable user.

Mixing hot piranha with organic compounds can cause an explosion. It contains acetone, photoresist, nylon and isopropyl alcohol.

Use in glass containers when handling piranhas. Piranhas can even attack when melted in plastic containers. Used containers should be labeled during use and a warning sign should be visible to anyone working around them.

what is piranha solution - Best piranha solution preparation and Use
piranha solution

When preparing piranha solutions, always slowly add peroxide (H2O2) to the acid.

Be sure to mix the solution in the fume hood with the sash to separate you from the solution.

The piranha solution is likely to heat up to more than 100 degrees centigrade. Handle with care.

piranha solution preparation and use:-

Prepare as much as you need; Do not save any piranha solution.

Typically, 30% hydrogen peroxide in water is purchased for the laboratory. 50% peroxide or strong mixture should be avoided due to the possibility of explosion. If 50% hydrogen peroxide is required, vessel cooling should be used.

Prepare piranha solution only in glass jars or Teflon. Piranhas react with many plastic materials. You can conform that all glassware is clean and dry before use.

Slowly Slowly mix the hydrogen peroxide solution with the sulfuric acid and expect the container to heat up. A sudden rise in temperature can lead to a boil or even splashing.

When mixed, any batch above 100 ml should be cooled in ice bath.Do you understand this properly.

Piranha solution needs to be prepared very carefully. It is an extremely corrosive and extremely powerful oxidizer.The surfaces must be reasonably clean and completely free from organic solvents from the previous washing steps before coming in contact with the solution. Piranha slurry dissolves and cleans organic pollutants and large amounts of pollutants can cause violent removal and release of gases that can cause explosions.

what is piranha solution - Best piranha solution preparation

Piranha solutions should be prepared by slowly adding hydrogen peroxide to sulfuric acid, never vice versa. Mixing solutions is highly exothermic. If the solution is made quickly, it will explode immediately, releasing large amounts of corrosive smoke. Even when made with care, the resulting heat can bring the temperature of the solution above 100 C. It should be allowed to cool properly before use. A sudden rise in temperature can be a violent boiling point in a highly acidic solution. Solutions made using hydrogen peroxide with a concentration of more than 50% can cause explosions. [Citation needed] A 1: 1 acid-peroxide mixture will create the risk of explosion when using ordinary 30% hydrogen peroxide.

Once the mixture has stabilized, it can be further heated to maintain its reactivity. Cleaning usually requires 10 to 40 minutes, after which the substrates can be removed from the solution.

The solution can be mixed before application or applied directly to the material, first sulfuric acid can be applied, then peroxide. Due to the self-decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, the piranha solution must be prepared fresh. The solution should not be stored, as it produces gas and therefore cannot be stored in a closed container. Since the solution reacts violently with many substances that are usually disposed of as chemical waste, if the solution is not neutral, it should be discarded in a clearly marked container.

Emergency response process:-

In case of skin contact, immediately wash the affected area with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.The solution may cause skin irritation.

In the case of exposure to a large part of the body, the victim should be removed from the contaminated area and kept under the car Safety shower when 9-1-1 is contacted. All contaminated clothing should be removed immediately with proper gloves and safely Excluded.

In case of eye contact, irrigate the eyes for at least 10 minutes with the eyelids open during irrigation.

In case of inhalation, take the infected person to a fresh polluted area Seek medical attention.

Sprinkle with an acid neutralizer (or base neutralizer for NH4OH / H2O2 solution) before cleaning. Do not use paper towels, rags or other organic materials so that they can absorb the droplets as they can burn spontaneously.

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