Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine booster dose effective, safe

Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine booster dose effective, safe
COVID-19 vaccine booster dose


Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine booster dose effective, safe:-

Pfizer and Biotech said a booster or third dose of its Covid-19 vaccine vaccine was safe and that antibody responses were “significantly higher” than those taking two doses of Jab. The companies released first-stage information, announcing that it had been submitted to the FDA.

Vaccines are our most effective means of preventing Covid-19 infection – especially serious illnesses and hospitalizations – and its profound impact on saving lives is undeniable,” Pfizer Chairman and CEO Albert Baurla said in a press release.

Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine booster dose effective, safe
COVID-19 vaccine booster dose

“The data we’ve seen so far suggests that the levels of antibodies to the third dose of our vaccine are significantly higher than following the initial schedule of two doses. We’re going to submit these data to the FDA to address the challenges posed by this epidemic.


The announcement comes just days after the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended Covid-1 boo booster shots for some immunocompromised patients. The FDA has already expanded the emergency use of Pfizer-Biotech and Modern Covid-19 vaccines to approve a booster shot for this population.

Trial participants received a booster dose 8 to 9 months after receiving their second dose of vaccine. According to the news release, the booster dose was effective against both beta and delta forms. Pfizer-Biotech said it expects third-stage test results soon and will submit the data to the FDA.

“We are constantly trying to move the virus at least one step further,” said Ugur Sahin, co-founder and CEO of Biotech. “That’s why we aim to expand access to our vaccines to people around the world and look at different approaches as part of our broader strategy to deal with viruses and their variants today and in the future.”

Sahin added, “These preliminary data indicate that we can provide a high level of protection against wild-type viruses and relevant variants using the third dose of our vaccine.

A booster vaccine can prevent infections and disease in humans.” The rate at which people have been vaccinated before and the spread of the virus next season needs to be better controlled. ”

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What about boosters for everyone?

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. V. Vivek Murthy said Thursday that the general U.S. population does not currently need a Covid-1 vaccine booster, but the administration is examining the data every day and will be ready if it changes.

Murthy told CNN’s Erin Burnett, “We’re trying to understand the lack of protection that is manifesting as a significant increase in groundbreaking infections, especially successful hospitalizations and deaths.”

“We look at that data very regularly, closely. When we see that the limit is being met, we recommend booster for extra people,” Murthy said. “It’s a question. When is it, and the data will drive our decision about that.”

In recent weeks, doctors, scientists, government officials, and pharmaceutical companies have been debating whether to recommend additional Covid-19 shots or booster to provide continued protection against the virus.

Conversations are growing rapidly as we see a lower incidence of delta type among non-vaccinated individuals and health officials across the country, but with increasing success among fully vaccinated individuals, whether asymptomatic or mild, is a growing concern.

Discussions intensified when Pfizer-BioNtech announced that it would seek approval from U.S. regulators to approve a booster dose of its vaccine.

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